Archive of articles

Archive of articles

Symposium on portal hypertension, June 17.-18, 2022

11TH Symposium on portal hypertension in Old castle.

viac 16.06.2022

New information

New offer.

viac 15.06.2022

Offer or Slovak Mining Museum

Free job position.

viac 13.06.2022

Openin hours June 2022

Opening hours in Slovak Mining Museum in June 2022.

viac 26.05.2022

Openin hours

Opening hours of Slovak Mining Museum - May 2022.

viac 23.05.2022

Museum is looking for guides!

Join our museum team! The Slovak mining museum is looking for a team - guides for the summer season.

viac 21.04.2022

Offer or Slovak Mining Museum

New offer or Museum.

viac 11.04.2022

Easte 2022 - opening hours

Opening hours of expositions of Slovak Mining Museum.

viac 11.04.2022

Museum´s friends club

Through Museum´s friends club, we have the ambition to shape, build and develop the COMMUNITY of our supporters and visitors.

viac 11.04.2022

Offer or Slovak Mining Museum

New offer or Museum.

viac 18.03.2022

Wellcome in museum

Навіть у районі Бансько-Штявниці знаходять притулок кілька наших сусідів з України, які тікають від війни.

viac 03.03.2022