Mining in Slovakia Mining in Slovakia


Kammerhofská 2, 969 01 Banská Štiavnica
N – 48°27´19,00"
E – 18°53´43,50"

+421 45 694 94 18,  +421 918 990 450

The history of the object, which is the largest building complex of profane architecture in Banská Štiavnica, is bounded with mining history. The Kammerhof house was a residence of state mining,smelting, minting and steel industry in the territory of recent Slovakia and partly Hungary for several centuries

The exhibition Mining in Slovakia presents the history of mineral extraction, techniques and technology, processing, development of other mining sciences as well as ventilation, lighting and mine surveying from the earliest days till the present. The inseparable part of the history is the folk art of miners and mining education.

The treasury of the Austrian Monarchy was visited also by the members of the Habsburg´s dynasty. Interest in natural science,mineralogy, mining and alchemy was one of the reasons for the most significant visitation - Franz Joseph of Lothringen, the Roman and German Emperor, the co-ruler and husband of the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa, Joseph II. in 1751, a throne successor, his brother Leopold, and the Saxon duke Albert, prince´s brother–in-law visited Banská Štiavnica in 1764. Joseph II., already the Roman emperor, came to visit Banská Štiavnica for the second time in 1783. To visits were realized and new decoration in churches and of these visits are maintained
a ceremonial overcoats sewed for them.

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