Minor Maxi - Dávid Koronczi, 17.2.2023

Informal discussion in the gallery.

viac 20.02.2023

Presentation of a new book

Presentation of a new book - Kosmopol - Ako sa tvorí imaginárium.

viac 30.01.2023

Concert in gallery, December 16, 2022

The concert was part of the opening of Zoya Laktionova's exhibition - Remember the Smell of Mariupol.

viac 16.12.2022

Night of literature in GaJK

On September 21, 2022, the Night of Literature event took place in the Jozef Kollár Gallery. 

viac 21.09.2022

Festival n:ear 2022 in GaJK

On July 21, 2022, a concert by the Belgian-French guitar duo took place in the Jozef Kollár Gallery’s Mine. 

viac 22.07.2022

Earth’s Silent Messages – workshop

On June 11, 2022, the “Earth’s Silent Messages” exhibition was opened in the Jozef Kollár Gallery. The implementation of the project also included a two-day workshop, on 7 and 8 June, with children from Slovak primary schools.

viac 11.06.2022

Greetings from the children of Šaľa

On 2 June, 2022, 13 children, first-grade pupils of the Betula Elementary School in Šaľa, visited our Gallery.

viac 02.06.2022

Children's workshops on Museums Day.

We celebrated the “Museums Day” in the Jozef Kollár Gallery by holding children's workshops.

viac 26.05.2022

Author reading and guided tour of the exhibition of Eva Ďurovec – War Journal

On May 25, 2022 at 5:00 pm, a late-afternoon reading from Eva Ďurovec's book took place in the Jozef Kollár Gallery.

viac 25.05.2022

The Night of museums and galleries 2022

The Night of Museums and Galleries -  „Music, Light and Word“.

viac 16.05.2022

"Kollár’s Štiavnica, children’s vision", April 13, 2022.

In the Jozef Kollár Gallery, after a two-year break, we revived the popular project "Kollár’s  Štiavnica, children’s vision", April 13, 2022.

viac 13.04.2022