Summer workshops in Kammerhof

Art&Crafts for kids, travelling groups and families.

viac 15.08.2022


RECYCLING MARKET, reuse, recycle, reduce, 2nd hand market of everyday use objects.

viac 15.08.2022

August 2022 in museum

Summer program for all family.

viac 15.08.2022

Summer offer in Kammerhof 2022

Summer offer for all family.

viac 26.07.2022

July 2022 in museum

Summer program for all family.

viac 11.07.2022

Summer creative workshops in Kammerhof-Dielnička

Summer creative workshop in Kammerhof- July 19.-23, July 26.-30., 2022.

viac 08.07.2022

Playfully in the museum

Programm for all family.

viac 29.06.2022

Summer creative workshops in the museum in Handlova

Workshops in the museum in Handlova, July - August 2022.

viac 23.06.2022

Vacation in the museum

Vacation in the museum - Way of coal, Handlová.

viac 23.06.2022

Tiché správy Zeme, June 11, 2022

Art-educational project 2022.

viac 10.06.2022