November 2022 in museum

Programm for all family.

viac 23.11.2022

Guided tour of the exhibition

You will be presented with an exhibition of varieties of quartz by Mgr. Peter Jancsy on Wednesday 16.11.2022 at 3:00 p.m.

viac 10.11.2022

Saturday with a craft - carving, November 12, 2022, Dielnička, Kammerhof

Slovak Mining Museum and Initiative for a living city invites you to the workshop in Kammerhof.

viac 08.11.2022

Playfully in the museum

Programm for all family.

viac 29.06.2022

Tiché správy Zeme, June 11, 2022

Art-educational project 2022.

viac 10.06.2022