Archive of articles

Archive of articles

Easte 2022 - opening hours

Opening hours of expositions of Slovak Mining Museum.

viac 11.04.2022

Museum´s friends club

Through Museum´s friends club, we have the ambition to shape, build and develop the COMMUNITY of our supporters and visitors.

viac 11.04.2022

Offer or Slovak Mining Museum

New offer or Museum.

viac 18.03.2022

Wellcome in museum

Навіть у районі Бансько-Штявниці знаходять притулок кілька наших сусідів з України, які тікають від війни.

viac 03.03.2022

New opening hours

Information for visitors

viac 21.02.2022


Monuments call for help, but the government ignores them.We have come together on their behalf to support them.

viac 14.02.2022

Climate pact ambassador - Slovak Mining Museum

Silvia Herian took part in an inspiring discussion with Frans Timmermanson, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the EUROPEAN GREEN AGREEMENT.

viac 04.02.2022

International conference Early steam engines in Central European mining

International conference “Early steam engines in Central European mining” will take place in Slovakia from Friday 7th to Saturday 8th of October 2022.

viac 21.01.2022

Job offer

Job since April 1, 2022.

viac 12.01.2022

Information for visitors

Informations for visitors in Slovak Mining Museum.

viac 05.01.2022

New exhibition

New exhibition can you find 

viac 07.12.2021