Jozef Kollár Gallery Jozef Kollár Gallery


Nám. Sv. Trojice 8, 969 01 Banská Štiavnica
N – 48°27´35,30"
E – 18°53´32,30"

INFORMATION/RESERVATIONS, +421 45 691 34 31, +421 918 990 449

Guided tour: in foreign language - extra fee 15,00 €

The gallery is an inevitable part of the Slovak mining museum, one out of specialised departments situated in three restored burghers  houses in the Holy Trinity square. The buildings were constructed at the end of the 15th century and rebuilt in the 16th and 18th centuries /Bošáni´s, Richter´s and Jonáš´ s houses/.

The most valuable collections: early Christian patrons of miners - Saint Barbara and Saint Catharine - form the years of about 1506 -1515.


Edmund Gwerk /1895-1956/ - a painter, born in Banská Štiavnica and lived here almost for the whole life, studied in Budapest /E.Ballo, I.Réti/. His early perod is typical for his realistic portrait and landscape work issuing from the traditions of academic art and influenced by French impressionism.

Jozef Kollár/1899-1982/ - a painter, born in Banská Štiavnica, studied in Munich and Budapest, participated in summer painters colonies. After his study he settled down in his home town Banská Štiavnica. His work is dominated by landscape, beginnings are influence by ideo-aesthetic feeling of art celebrities /Medòanský, Paál/ and  a teacher Rudnay