Open-air mining museum Open-air mining museum


J. K. Hella 12, 969 01 Banská Štiavnica
N – 48˚27'04,60"
E – 18˚53'18,80"



Entrance: maximum 48 visitors + 2 guide /entrance

Guided tour: in English, German, Hungarian, Polish - extra fee 20,00 €

Open-air mining museum

This area is located on the tailings pile of the Ondrej Shaft, and it has been open to the public since 1974.

A water column hoisting machine, made in 1881 in Vyhne, is the most valuable piece of machinery exhibited in the museum, being part of the engine room standing by the Ondrej Shaft. It originally operated in Lill Shaft, in Hodruša, starting as late as 1884. A very attractive building housing a calibration room was built in the central part of the Ondrej Shaft area in 1976 – 1977.

Open-air mining museum
The last item that expanded the museum in the Ondrej Shaft exhibit area is the Educational Geological Exhibit. This was installed in 2003 as part of the Banská Štiavnica Geopark project. The geological structure and development of all of Slovakia is presented here in a relatively small area.

Organizational informations

  • You can look at the surface exposition by yourself.
  • The visit in the mine starts in the calibration (common) room in the middle of the surface area, where we watch a short movie.
  • After the movie everybody gets a cloak, a helmet and a lamp and mines with a guide.
  • It takes about 90-100 minutes.
  • You use appropriate shoes and clothing

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