Residency program of the Slovak Mining Museum in Banská Štiavnica

The aim of the residency programme is to initiate innovative forms of both interdisciplinary research and presentation of the collection of the Slovak Mining Museum within the cultural and historical heritage of the Banská Štiavnica environment (UNESCO site). In addition to innovative themes, approaches, and outputs, we will welcome:

The aim of the Forum for Museum residency program is to motivate the professional public to apply innovative approaches in museum practice.

The ambition of the programme is to contribute to the process of transformation of museum institutions into inspiring, multifunctional public cultural institutions of the 21st century, which confidently and committedly shape and cultivate the humanistic aspects of our civilization.


  • Professionals and scientists from the following fields: anthropology, archaeology, archival studies, architecture, mining technology, ethnology, ecology, history, geology, informatics, art history, culturology, pedagogy, etc.
  • Curators of exhibition projects
  • Artists from genres, such as visual arts, design, multimedia, literature, music, film, photography, dramatic arts, etc.
  • University students can also apply for this residency programme.

1.    Ecological principles in creating expositions and exhibitions during the times of climate change.
2.    Environmental education and museum pedagogy
3.    Ecological approaches to the protection of museum collections (prevention, conservation, maintaining suitable climatic conditions in depositories, ecological and economical challenges of the protection of collections).
4.    Communication and marketing strategies of museums and galleries – new challenges for cultural institutions communicating the narrative of climate change on social media platforms.
5.    Is it possible to maintain ecological operation of historical buildings?  Reducing the energetical footprint of historical buildings: theories, strategies and practices.
6.    Terra Banensium – The land of miners in the collections of the Slovak Mining Museum – a landscape unit inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The topic creates an interdisciplinary platform for research and formation of outputs from researching the diverse range of the Museum’s collection (history, archaeology, ethnology, mining technology, geology, art history).


7 days or 14 days

Time span for residencies: May – August 2024


  • professional article / scientific study,
  • popularizing text,
  • podcast / podcast series,
  • exhibition scenario or realization of exhibition project,
  • event, workshop,
  • design product / series, inspired by the Museum's collection,
  • artistic intervention in a selected Museum’s exhibit,
  • educational activity,
  • multimedia work,
  • thematic analysis / audit of Museum activities.


  • Accommodation providing conditions for work in a studio of "Žiakov dom" villa located in the area of Banská Štiavnica Old Castle (UNESCO site).
  • Opportunity to conduct research in the Museum's extensive collection, archive, and in the photo and book libraries.
  • Opportunity for free tours of the Museum's sites, exhibitions and events.
  • Opportunity to cooperate with professionals, the Museum’s scientific experts.
  • Opportunity to network with local professional and lay communities.
  • Production and personnel support in creating and presenting the resident’s output, based on the Museum’s capacities.


  • Ability to present your own residential project in the interim (process of its preparation and implementation) as well as its final outputs (web, social networks).
  • Ability to publicly communicate / promote your interim results, e.g., in the form of an event, discussion, video, etc.

Working language: Slovak, English

Deadline for receiving applications: 30. November, 2023

Announcement of results: 15 December 2023

Please, send your application for the residency programme in one e-mail to the address: The application must include:

  1. Fully completed digital application form (in PDF format).
  2. Curriculum vitae (PDF, max. 1,800 characters).
  3. List of publications or work portfolio (PDF, max. 10 MB).

The Slovak Mining Museum in Banská Štiavnica (hereinafter SBM) is a specialized national museum located on a UNESCO site. The Museum collects, protects, researches, and presents a wide scope of material evidence (almost 100,000 collection items), documenting the history of mining and fields related to mining, including environmental science, geology, history, ethnology, art history, and development of mining regions and cultural landscapes in Slovakia.
SBM designs and presents its projects and activities in a way that assures their impacts are sustainable in the long run, and contribute to improvement of the quality of life as well as to working towards environmental balance. SBM’s activities include the "Green Museum" project development and implementation. SBM conducts research in the field of development of mining and scopes related to mining, with an emphasis on the application of interdisciplinary research methods. Moreover, the Museum defines and works on solving theoretical and methodological problems of mining museums.
Other SBM activities include: publishing the results of Museum’s research activities in both professional and popular publications; enabling researchers to conduct their studies in the Museum’s collections, archives, and library; preparing and presenting long-term and short-term exhibition projects. The Museum also includes the Jozef Kollár Gallery which presents a selection of historical heritage art and the works by Jozef Kollár and Edmund Gwerk (modernist painters, both native to Banská Štiavnica). In addition, the Gallery systematically focuses on presenting contemporary-art exhibition projects, with special emphasis on those that reflect the scope and consequences of the ongoing climate crisis. The Slovak Mining Museum is housed in historically valuable buildings, protected monuments, as well as locations which represent the exceptional architectural and artistic values ​​of the Banská Štiavnica UNESCO site.

Slovenské banské múzeum, Kammerhofská 2, 96901 Banská Štiavnica ,+421 45/694 94 45,