26.05.2022 Children's workshops on Museums Day.

We celebrated the “Museums Day” in the Jozef Kollár Gallery by holding children's workshops.

Pupils of the Bakomi Private Elementary School and the Jozef Kollár Elementary School came to visit our Gallery. In Žofia Dubová’s exhibition “Places Beyond Roads”, the children found inspiration in the artist’s landscape paintings, in which she captured the atmosphere and situations created by natural elements. Before the children started painting, we spent some time speaking with them about the exhibited paintings and about how they themselves perceive nature and landscapes. We asked them all kinds of questions, for example: What kind of weather, light, smell do they remember from time spent in nature? What moments and sensations dominate their memories of nature? Etc.

Through their artwork, the children ventured to capture their feelings and moods, to express their perception of nature, to paint an abstract, dreamy or concrete landscape, following their nature-related memories of an actual situation.

At the end of these workshops, the exhibition hall was filled with a variety of landscape drawings and paintings, containing elements of both reality and miracles.

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