02.06.2022 Greetings from the children of Šaľa

On 2 June, 2022, 13 children, first-grade pupils of the Betula Elementary School in Šaľa, visited our Gallery.

The children took full advantage of the time spent in the Gallery. First, they got acquainted with the works of the Štiavnica artist Jozef Kollár, and then, inspired by his work, they painted pictures of their favourite places in and around their home town. The drawings included pictures of a summer field, a school, a playground, the Váh river, trees, including a specific willow, where they like to play, etc. After they finished painting, the children played our “Playful Gallery” game, thus becoming better acquainted with the works of art in Jozef Kollár Gallery. They found out the meaning of some typical local words but also what words, such as gothic, baroque, or self-portrait, meant. In addition, they studied the veduta of Banská Štiavnica and learnt about some of the buildings dominating the townscape in medieval times.

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