10.10.2021 Edmund Gwerk – Parallels and Paradoxes

Veľká sála galérie

Curator: Zsófia Kiss-Szemán
Architect: Jakub Kopec
Edmund Gwerk – Parallels and Paradoxes
The exhibition is extended to March 13th, 2022.

The exhibition “Edmund Gwerk – Parallels and Paradoxes“ brings together 80 masterpieces to present an overview of the artist’s body of work from the 1920s to the 1940s. Through hundreds of photographs and documents, it introduces visitors to the life and career of this key representative of inter-war painting in Slovakia, and to his wife, the great literary scientist Alžbeta Göllnerová-Gwerková. The exhibition also includes the intervention work by Matúš Lányi responding to the oeuvre of this outstanding painter.

Following his studies in Budapest in the 1920s, Edmund Gwerk’s style of painting gradually crystallised into late expressionism with a touch of mysticism expressing the boundless strength of nature and a pantheistic view of the world with a perfect symbiosis between humanity, nature and the universe. This is especially evident in his paintings interpreting the Slovak countryside, notably his whirling landscapes, painterly symphonies resembling dynamic landscape visions. Gwerk (1895 Banská Štiavnica – 1956 Bratislava) was a very complicated person. His qualities and desires were as contradictory as his aims and objectives. He lived his life fully, be it in seclusion or in the whirl of Europe’s cities. He promoted genuine work, advocated creative power and individuality, and fought against dilettantism and kitsch. For him, intellect was as crucial as intuition. The exhibition offers a new interpretation of the artist’s body of work based on in-depth research, the findings of which have been published in the form of an artist’s monograph. 

Photo by: L. Lužina, B. Babiaková,ml.

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