Actual events

Actual events

July 2022 in museum

Summer program for all family.

viac 01.07.2022

Summer school in museum 2022

Summer school in museum 2022, July 11.-21., 2022.

viac 29.06.2022

Playfully in the museum

Programm for all family.

viac 29.06.2022

Summer creative workshops in the museum in Handlova

Workshops in the museum in Handlova, July - August 2022.

viac 23.06.2022

Vacation in the museum

Vacation in the museum - Way of coal, Handlová.

viac 23.06.2022

Tiché správy Zeme, June 11, 2022

Art-educational project 2022.

viac 10.06.2022

Game for all family

Programm for all family in Kammerhof.

viac 28.02.2022