06.05.2022 Viktória Revická – Fermentation Motion


„Composting vulnerability, 
compost of ideas, 
fermented creation,
 half-product as leaven,
 fermented inventions.“ 
– Viktória Revická 

Viktória Revická – Fermentation Motion 
Official opening: 6 May 2022 at 6 pm 
Duration of exhibition: 7 May – 31 July 2022
Curator: Nina Vidovencová 

The exhibition presents the artist’s work that has gone through a long-term fermentation process. Several layers, which she kept regularly opening but has never publicly presented, are joined in this work of hers, including Viktória’s relationship to fermentation and performative art. The exhibition is designed to have two parts. In the one room, various items are installed, including a bottle in which fermentation process is running with the help of a starter culture that the artist uses in her household. The book Sacred and Healing Herbal Beers: The Secrets of Ancient Fermentation by Stephen Harrod Buhner, which is Viktória’s inspiration source for her new ways of thinking about fermentation, is in this room as well. The book contains a number of traditional recipes for making fermented beverages by tribal cultures; but, above all, it is full of stories and legends about various individual approaches of tribal people to yeasts.  The visitors can also read into the artist’s personal journal which she kept during the process of the Fermentation Motion creation. Through this journal, Viktória allows us to have a look into the background of her thinking, sharing her intimate moments of uncertainty and joy with us but also the practical questions that she has had to deal with in the last few months when creating the work, for example, the choreography, the work’s concept, spatial issues, etc.  In general, the pages of the journal are interwoven by notes describing experiences which, with their course, resemble the fermentation process itself – thinking about change, restlessness, fatigue, regaining strength, rationalisation and arriving at new ways of thinking. The final visual image of the journal came about in cooperation with Andrea Kuriaková. In the other room, the Fermentation Motion itself is presented. It is a visualisation of the process of fermentation life: starting of the fermentation, its peak, sharing of sugar (energy) and maintaining the yeast culture’s activity (life). The movement performance, recorded by Denis Kozerawski, was created in cooperation with three other performers: Lucia Kupcová, Tatiana Takáčová and Veronika Verešová. Cooperation, which is ever-present in the life of yeasts, has had its significant role in the creation of the work and the exhibition itself.      

 Nina Vidovencová

photo by: Beata Babiaková, Kvet Nguyen 

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